Our panel of solicitors

What is our panel of solicitors and what do they do?

Our panel of solicitors is our list of preferred providers of external legal services, including representation and advice.

These legal services support our equality and human rights work, including strategic litigation in domestic and European courts. The panel of solicitors will also support our fund for race discrimination cases – part of our Legal Support Scheme.

How do we appoint the panel and how long are they appointed for?

We appointed the panel through an open procurement process which ran last year. Firms bid to be on the panel, and the framework agreement is for two years.

  • Bindmans
  • Birnberg Peirce
  • Cole Khan
  • Howe & Co
  • Kesar & Co
  • Leigh Day
  • Rook Irwin Sweeney
  • Simpson Millar
  • Thompsons
  • Watkins & Gunn
  • Dailly, Walker & Co
  • Gunner Cooke
  • McGrade & Co

Last updated: 07 Aug 2023